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Location: Texas, United States

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oro Noble'

This is one fine horse.

On a busy day with delivery people and repairmen coming and going, the perimeter fence was left open.

While giving instructions to the carpet cleaners, she noticed Bullet was wondering around the back of the property, not in his pasture. UhOh. Where is the colt? She ran out back. Not in his pasture and that gate is wide open too.

Her worst fears were realized when she saw him out on the main road which is a good 1/8th. mile from the gate.

She ran across the front of the property, calling his name. He looked up and ran straight down their narrow lane, right to her.

Horses get nervous and excited when loose and out of their element. They certainly do not run to whoever is calling them. Typically, they are approached slowly and 'herded' back to where they have escaped from. Oro Noble' truly is one fine horse.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One gopher and 4 predators.

Johnny Cat came to show off his latest catch, a nice-sized gopher. The little guy was still alive but each time he tried to run away, Johnny Cat simply placed his paw on his back, holding the gopher down.
Whoney and Biscuit, the chihuahuas, were watching and waiting for their opportunity to dive in for the kill. Whoney can kill a rat, mouse or gopher in a flash just by breaking it's neck. Biscuit is her back-up, just in case the varmint gets away. Never happens.
Then Cherokee, the great dane, comes along and sees a potential breakfast snack. Johnny Cat swoops up the gopher just as Cherokee gives chase. Up the tree he goes with a squirming gopher in tow. He goes out onto a branch as if to taunt the 3 dogs with his prize.
Oops. The gopher wriggles free from Johnny Cat, only to fall 10 feet to the ground, right into the mouth of Cherokee.

Monday, November 03, 2008

A tiny bit of fall foliage

Fading November blooms

The first signs of fall at Burnt Biscuit ranch.
Her grandson in Maine sent her a package of fall leaves to remind her of the fall foliage typically missing down here in SE Texas.
However, she found a spot of color along the old wooden fence this morning.
The colorful lantana bush up by the barn is fading, not to bloom again until March.
She looks skyward as the sounds of geese and ducks pass over on their journey south.
The hummingbirds have followed, leaving behind the mourning dove and blue birds. The resident red-tailed hawk will remain as well.
The cooler temperatures give the horses reason to buck and kick and jump for joy as they are turned out each morning.
The Farmer's Almanac says it will be a long, cold winter.
In the meantime, Autumn is her favorite time of the year.