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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

She is typing this as it is happening.
Red lights out front on the road.
A cop car and the cop are at the southeast corner of their property.
Pulled over are 4 guys in a souped-up car.
Oh no, now one of the guys is running away from the cop.
Headed their way..
Another one of the guys is chasing him.....with a big, long stick with something on the end of it.
Caught him before he got to their lane.
Running guy went back with the stick chaser.
All 4 guys standing around the cars and the cop now.
Not for long! Running guy is now in their pasture. Balding young guy is in the woods across the road.
No gunshots but:
Running guy & balding guy are back with the group by the cop car now.
Aha! Running guy is back in their pasture, hiding behind their fence. Thinking he got away?
Young balding guy getting handcuffed. But he gets away too - back into the woods. He won't get far with his hands cuffed behind his back.
He's back. This time in the backseat of the cop car.
Lots of confusion now.
Uh Oh. Here comes the souped-up car coming down their lane with the police car in hot pursuit.
What should she do?
Grab the camera, of course. Out the door she goes............

Running Man

Running man 'clothes-lined'!

Tazed Man

The above story with photos are a result of a video, "Submitting to Earthly Authority", being made for a local church youth ministry. Three of the 'hoodlums' are youth pastors, including their son. Next week's sermon will be based upon Romans 13, "Submitting to Heavenly Authority".

If her son had told her prior to this afternoon's drama, that Burnt Biscuit Ranch was to be the prop for this video, it would not have been as exciting!

To read more about the scripture, go to: