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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Alvin, the house chicken

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The snake is back.
This was sadly learned after purchasing three Americana chicks. The Americana chickens are also called Easter eggers because they lay blue and green eggs. The three chicks disappeared from the nursery the first night in their new home. The snake was able to get through the tiny holes in the wiring, eat and digest the chicks before slipping out of the nursery and the hen house.
After a week, two more Americana chicks were placed into the nursery. These chicks were a week older and bigger. But not big enough. The snake found them and only one survived.
That was enough! She brought the surviving chick back to the house and placed her into a dog crate in the den, much to his chagrin.
Five days later, the chick has found residence in a brand new blue Victorian model bird cage and lives in the air conditioned comfort of the ranch house. Because of her chubby chipmunk cheeks, she has been named "Alvin".
How can you spoil a chicken? It can be done. Whenever, she leaves the room, Alvin is very vocal. Whenever she comes near her cage, Alvin jumps up and down at the door begging to be picked up. Once the door is opened, he hops into her loving hands. She takes him out onto the porch, puts him in her lap where he grooms himself and then falls asleep.
Another new pet for Burnt Biscuit Ranch.