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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's a Girl!
Of course they slept through most of it.
He made yet another trip to the barn while still dark outside on the morning of April 20th.
The last time he checked, there were only four feet on the ground.
This time there were eight.
She dressed in record time and they both watched in awe as the mother tenderly cleaned her newborn foal until she was sparkling white.
Once the foal suckled for first time, the birthing process was complete with the delivery of the placenta.
Both mare and foal enjoyed a long nap after many photos were taken.
Within hours the first visitors arrived. Granddaughers with their daddy stood on stools to peek over the bars of the stall to get their first look at the first foal born at Burnt Biscuit Ranch.
Many have come since to see her. Who wouldn't? She is a beauty!

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"Siemon's Dream Catcher" 3/20/2007 @ 4:00am Barn Name: "Sugar"

On the day after her birth, Sugar leaves the comfort of her foaling stall for the first time,

Sugar surveys her new world.

Sugar is a proud little lady at age four (days).

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

10,000 steps per day.
That is what it takes to keep them healthy and fit.
No problem.
They are getting that and more with many trips back and forth from the h0use to the barn. Hand grazing the pregnant mare adds even more.
They watch for signs hourly.
But the mare just stands there looking at them, stubbornly keeping her foal in her belly.
Could she be enjoying the the treats, the handful of grain for lunch, the walks, the extra grooming, the new 'suite', complete with her own private paddock?
They have cancelled appointments. They don't leave the ranch together - one must always be here 'just in case'. They get up in the middle of the night, trekking out to the barn to check her teats for waxing. Once the waxing begins, the foal should arrive approximately 8 - 10 hours later, or so they have have told.
In the meantime:
The new moon came and went - no foal.
Bad weather came and went - no foal.
The due date came and went - no foal.

The midwives are ready

The nursery is ready

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Friday, April 13, 2007

J.C.'s Dream Machine is the sire of our soon-to-be foal.
He is magnificent and the very pregnant Siemon is one lucky mare.
Today is Friday the 13th.
Bad weather is approaching.
Could this be the night?
He is in the barn putting the finishing touches on the foaling stall
while she packs and repacks the basket of necessary foaling supplies.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Busy days and sleepless nights.
It's foaling season!
Approximately 11 months ago, we bred our favorite mare to a 2 x World Champion, "J.C.'s Dream Machine".
The birth of this 'perfect foal' is imminent. The foaling stall and paddock is ready. The vet and the photographer are on call. Every book on foaling has been read and re-read.
The baby's brand new halter is hanging in the barn. A box of necessary supplies are in a huge box by the back door: gauze, gloves, iodine, syringe, Banamine, fleet enemas, mineral oil and the tail wrap. We are ready!
Siemon has separated herself from the herd somewhat but that is the only indication she is aware that the big day is fast approaching. She continues to do what she does best - eat.
We do what we do best - watch and wait.