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Saturday, September 29, 2007


It is weaning time for Sugar. The first attempt at weaning placed Siemon in the front pasture, leaving Sugar in the foaling stall. Although they couldn't see each other, they could hear the other's whinnys. Mama was about to jump the fence and Baby was crying the entire time. They put them back together and it was heartbreaking. Sugar walked around and around Siemon, rubbing against her with Siemon looking at her baby girl tenderly.

Plan B: The next day they took Siemon and Sierra to a neighbor's ranch, about a mile away, again leaving Sugar in the foaling stall with her best buddy, Canela, in the neighboring stall. Siemon spent the next several days walking the fence line, hoping to find a way out and back to Sugar.

Back home, Sugar settles into her new life without Mom. In fact, by day 5, she was allowed to run in the pasture with Canela and Danzarina and has not looked for Mom even once.

Meanwhile, at the neighbor's ranch, Siemon is still walking the fence line although not as much. Sierra is there to keep her company but not at all happy about her duties. Both mares want to come home. It will be a month before that happens.