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Monday, May 29, 2006

"I want one", she said.
Two years later they have six with one on the way.
They moved to their ranch with their two riding horses, a paint mare for him and a quarter horse gelding for her.
On a trail ride with several female riders, she learned about the Peruvian Paso.
During competition the Peruvian is judged by a rider holding a full glass of red wine, spilling not a drop. She rode a Peruvian at a speed of 18 miles per hour while sitting perfectly still in the saddle. No more aching knees. No more uncomfortable sport's bras.
Just ride the glide, as Peruvian owners say.
"There are less than 10,000 Peruvians in the U.S. so this would be a great investment", she told him.
They found a little Buckskin mare by the name of 'Sierra'. It was love at first sight. She crawled upon that little mare's back and rode off, singing happily. He purchased the horse on her birthday.
A few weeks later, Sierra settled in and began telling them about her history. She spun, pivoted, kicked, bucked and did just about every bad thing a horse can think of to get negative attention. She researched her history, learning she had been badly abused and had once been sent to an auction to be sold to the killer bidder (dog food).
She put her into a paddock by herself, working with her daily. Months later, she had convinced this little mare that nothing bad would ever happen to her at Burnt Biscuit Ranch.
The bad behaviors were replaced with nuzzles and nickers.
Unfortunately, she also learned that Sierra had almost killed one of her prior owners, bucking her off. He would not allow her to ride Sierra but she has kept her promise to that little mare. This little mare will always be safe at Burnt Biscuit Ranch.
On her next birthday, they found a beautiful sorrel Peruvian mare with an impressive registry.
They also purchased a Palamino colt that came from a magnificent blood line. When they went to Dallas to pick him up, they also brought home a Palamino filly.
Thus the decision was affirmed - they were in the horse breeding business.
Afterall, they had 21 stalls to fill!
Remember those two riding horses they started with? No time to ride now!

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