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Friday, May 22, 2009

Readers of this blog first met the 'displaced guinea' back in May, 2007. It was a bittersweet story but the story has changed dramatically, now, 2 years later.
A few weeks ago, a mangy coyote caught and killed one of their 3 guineas. Shortly thereafter the displaced guinea renewed her love affair with the family Suburban. However, this time she has developed a jealous streak.
Initially, whenever anyone walked near 'her' SUV, she flapped her wings and ran up to them.
Her jealousy escalated and she now attacks whenever anyone tries to gets near the car. Ever had a hole in your leg that was put there by a guinea fowl? It hurts. Or scratch marks on your back from the bird's talons? Ouch.
A solution is being sought but help is needed soon. They have 30 people coming over on Memorial Day. Who knows which car she may 'take up with'?