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Friday, May 09, 2008

If you follow this blog, you know that all creatures are treated with respect at Burnt Biscuit Ranch. From the tiniest insect to the largest horse, all are nurtured.
When the screens are removed from the windows in the springtime, the nest of spiders is not smushed. It is relocated. When wily coyote drops by, he is not shot, only encourage to move on.
When the raccoons or opossums make a mess, they are trapped and taken down to the river.
When her favorite banty hen was murdered by the chicken snake, he was captured and removed.
However, enough is enough. Another chicken snake was having his daily breakfast in the hen house, leaving them with no eggs on a daily basis. She thought he would eventually show himself and he, too, would be captured and moved to a new location. But all she found was yet another dead chicken that he had killed. No more!
He brought home two porcelain eggs from the feed store, putting them in the brooding boxes in the hen house. Two days passed before a trip to the hen house found the porcelain eggs missing.
Since that day, there have been plentiful eggs to gather and happy chickens.